2-day pass

This is where you come to Ignite your career

Turn this one-day event into two days of insight and in-depth
understanding with a 2-day pass

A 2-day pass includes a ticket to the event on Tuesday 9 July and a choice from one of five specifically-designed training courses (taking place 8 July) designed specifically to complement and enhance your Ignite 2019 experience

Customer experience training

Following best practice and hands-on exercises, this full day B2B customer experience training course will show you how to design the best and most profitable CX for your audience segments.

To do this, you’ll learn how to listen and understand who your clients really are, and how to match their needs with your company to finally create a golden space, where you create a truly compelling competitive advantage.

Account-based marketing (ABM) essentials course

This account-based marketing training course will provide you with a highly practical overview of how ABM works, what it looks like in practice, and how to adopt and deliver it successfully in your business.

Whether you’re thinking about adopting ABM, just starting out, or scaling up, the course will arm you with valuable, hard-to-find insights that ensure you get your next ABM steps right.

Content marketing masterclass

In this one-day content marketing course, we’ll examine how B2B buyers and customer journeys have changed in recent years, and how you can use this insight to develop an effective content marketing programme that will engage and guide your buyer through the end-to-end journey.

We’ll start the day by examining why content is still an important part of any B2B marketing programme and we’ll look at the main content types from hero, hub and hygiene to stock and flow.

Building and managing a strong B2B brand workshop

This workshop will help you explore what it takes to design and sustain a credible B2B brand that is both different from your competitors’ brands and stands for something meaningful.

Performance marketing training

You’ll leave this one day workshop with a B2B Marketing Strategy blueprint with the essential tools and knowledge of where to focus your analytical efforts. This is an interactive workshop where real-life examples will be provided to bring all theory to life.

2-day ticket: Ignite + training day

Full price £1198 + VAT