How to use UX thinking to generate meaningful marketing insights

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM

Is your digital strategy driven by – or drowned in data? The best B2B companies offer a personalised, mobile-first user experience that’s built upon an integrated, automated and insightful tech-stack. Beginning with the end in mind and through UX thinking, Danny from Cyber-Duck, the leading digital transformation agency will explore how you can use insights to generate a data euphoria that improves your digital marketing, increases customer satisfaction and makes your organisation more efficient.

  • Who are you dealing with – Get the foundations right. Build the best persona strategy through data and insights.
  • Start at the right place – Learn how to use a service design blueprint to find out where insights need to be generated.
  • Learn from data – Learn how to generate the right insights for strategic digital transformation and avoid analysis paralysis.
  • Automation – Understand how to apply automation and AI principles across the user experience and what insights you need.
  • Personalisation – Use data insights to create a process and a stack for personalisation.

Founder and CEO,Cyber-Duck