Why sales enablement is catching fire

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM

At the beginning of the decade, the term “sales enablement” was nearly nonexistent. Today, Forrester research is calling sales enablement a “cornerstone practice in sales and marketing” and organisations have successfully rolled out worldwide sales enablement programs with hundreds and thousands of employees involved. In fact, the number of people with ‘sales enablement’ in their titles has increased by more than 130 percent since 2016.

So why has sales enablement caught fire in the last 3 years? And how have companies made their programs successful? In this session, Laura Kightlinger, Director of Customer Success, Seismic, will share first-hand insights into how some of the world’s leading organisations have aligned sales and marketing, built their teams, overcome the challenges faced and delivered ROI, to help you keep up with this crucial trend.

Director, Customer Success,Seismic