How Prysmian dug deep to raise its game

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM

How do you increase sales to a large and diverse ‘downstream’ customer base, with which you have little or no direct dialogue and therefore limited insight?

And how do you achieve that when your sales team’s strategy is based on assumptions rather than a fact-based understanding of buyers’ needs and preferences?

This was the challenge facing Prysmian Group, the UK’s largest manufacturer of energy and telecoms cables, whose low voltage range of products is ultimate purchased by thousands of electricians and installers, via large and small wholesalers.

The solution was a comprehensive and ongoing customer insight programme, which is continuing to provide a true and accurate picture of the views, needs and preferences of its customers. Furthermore, it delivered hard data that enabled the marketing team to counter the misapprehensions of the sales team and ultimately lead the integration of the ‘voice of the customer’ into the business strategy. This data powered a brand enhancement campaign, aimed at changing perceptions, building value and driving sales.

In this session, Riccardo Weber will reveal what he and his team have learned over the last two years in running this programme. By attending, you’ll learn:

  • How to build an ongoing customer insight programme to gauge shifts in customer needs and preferences
  • How to deploy potentially contentious ‘hard’ data in a way that engages and aligns stakeholders, and resolves conflicts.
  • How to manage objections and dispel accepted wisdom though true customer insights.
  • How to make the case for genuine and ongoing customer insight, and why it’s worth allocating time and money to doing this right.
  • How to build in customer insights to improve tactical marketing execution.

Director - Customer Care, Marketing & Product Development,Prysmian Group