From Insights to ROI: How to make data-based decisions to save your career and boost your team performance

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

B2B marketing used to be simpler, but we now live in a fast-paced, post-big data world, surrounded by on-demand insights, tools and dashboards.
Since 2010, B2B CMOs and their teams have been transforming too slowly from Marcom functions to demand gen and revenue marketing model Transforming faster from a traditional branding & marcom to a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence is a must to:

  • WOW your internal & external stakeholders to become insights-based leaders
  • GROW your sales funnel performance
  • BOOST your team efficiency and 20-80 focus

Which of those 5 main internal issues is your marketing team facing most currently?

1. Lack of commercial focus strategy-wise – campaigns, content, engagement
2. Marketing operations efficiency – Knowing, Planning or Delivering
3. Too few or unreliable data, useless KPIs and insights
4. Under-utilisation of visualisation, CRM & analysis tools
5. Lack of human analysis skills/process to manage insights

We will take you through a practical & inspiring journey to accelerate your team transformation to a full insights and ROI focus, going in a very concrete and visual way through:

  • 5 main phases: FOCUS – (re)BUILD – WOW – GROW – BOOST
  • 10+ core KPIs -> Insights
  • 20+ tips & actions to increase acquisition, retention, engagement, revenue or referrals

Get ready for a energetic tour of core benchmarks, guidelines and inspiration to ensure that your team & career will not hit the “data wall” in 2020!

Digital Marketing & Sales Transformation Consultant,