The Battle of the Big Idea: How we defied gravity to turn our big idea into the World’s Best Global Campaign

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

They said it couldn’t be done! How we defied gravity to turn our big idea into the World’s Best Global Campaign.

How many of your best ideas never make it to the launchpad? To achieve your mission, your idea must make it through barriers from internal stakeholders to external scrutiny, intact. Mwamba Kasanda from Korn Ferry and Claire Mason from Man Bites Dog will share the behind-the-scenes secrets of how they reached lift-off with the Global Talent Crunch campaign that scooped awards from World’s Best B2B Campaign (ICCO 2018) to Best Global Programme (Sabre EMEA 2019).

The team will share how they made it through obstacles from changing the laws of economics to engaging a cast of thousands to make their idea travel. You will learn:

  • How to generate new thinking: There’s nothing new under the sun! How to generate a distinctive signature idea in crowded space.
  • How to break the rules: It can’t be done! Quantum leap – how to cross the pain barrier in designing credible data to substantiate your idea.
  • How to be a genuine thought leader: But this flies in the face of conventional wisdom! Survival in a harsh environment – how to convince a global organisation that thinking the opposite is the right answer.
  • How to engage your mission team: It’s estimated that it’s taken more than 400,000 technicians, scientists and engineers to accomplish moon landings. How to turn an army of fee earners into campaign ambassadors.
  • How to achieve global lift-off & sustain impact: Not invented here! How to land your mission with relevance in multiple geographies, sectors and products & services and sustain interest over the medium term.
  • How to prove your mission business case: From touch down to valuable spin-offs – how to realise genuine business impact from mission-driven ideas – from reputation and revenue to new products and services.

The Global Talent Crunch campaign challenged the conventions of economics and embarked on ambitious, world-first research to map the gap between talent supply and demand – proving that, far from creating a talent surplus, AI was set to generate the world’s first truly global talent crisis. We revealed a shortage of 85.2 million skilled workers globally by 2030, threatening $8.5 trillion in lost GDP. With this signature perspective, we created a unifying theme for an integrated global campaign that positioned Korn Ferry as the solution to the impending talent crunch. The research has engaged leaders from governments to the C-Suites of the world’s largest corporates. It’s much more than a marketing communications campaign. Find out how we did it!

Founder and CEO,Man Bites Dog
Senior Director, Global Marketing Programs,Korn Ferry