B2B trends & commerce solution as LEGO® blocks

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

B2B digital revenues will grow over 100% in the next 3 years, reaching close to $600 billion in the US alone. The global revenue from offline commerce channels will decrease by almost 20% in that same period. This shift has broad and meaningful implications for how B2B organizations must think about their digital channels and reimagine their existing traditional ones.

Digital Technologies are shaking up the global economy, creating an opportunity like never before with digital customer experience and digital sales channels becoming the primary points of differentiation for B2B companies.

Brands that adapt to the changing expectations and behaviors stand to benefit, while those that ignore the trend will risk losing significant market share and see their businesses disrupted.

Price and product assortment are no longer differentiators. Investing in customer experience will create a foundation to evolve the people, process, and technology — and the time to invest is now.

This session is based on a survey conducted by Accenture Interactive with over 1,000 B2B sales executives to understand the changing digital landscape of the B2B market.

The findings Sailatha and Sanjeev will be sharing include:

  • Why customer experience is the key to thriving in change.
  • How the best companies embrace the customer, undergoing an immense shift at a rapid pace.
  • That digital commerce is no exception to disruption and is moving towards customer context.
  • How to stay relevant, continuously innovate and go to market faster.
  • Being elastic enough to accommodate changes in a ‘pit- stop’.

Lead Digital Commerce,Accenture
Technology & Digital Architect ,Accenture