ABM is all grown up – and O2 have the results to prove it

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

In this session we plot the course of ABM programmes at O2 from birth (a pilot in 2015) through troublesome twos (expanding out to the first wave of accounts), the teenage years (taking a 1:few approach to c100 accounts) through to its current levels of grown-up sophistication (focusing in on key customer accounts with a broader and deeper strategy).

By taking a long-term view and being prepared to test and learn, O2 has refined ABM to become the most effective tool in its marketing arsenal.

Some of the takeaways for delegates will be:

  • How to build a successful value proposition.
  • How to protect your most valuable accounts through ABM programmes.
  • How to get board-level buy-in for your programmes.
  • How to develop a programme so popular that sales teams have to pitch to take part.
  • What O2 have learned works through running 4 years’ worth of ABM programmes – and what doesn’t.

Also covered will be practical tips on designing and running complex, target-beating programmes including a range of approaches and tactics as diverse as bid support, executive profiling, end-customer workshops, research reports, product roadmaps and proof-of-concept videos.

Head of Business Marketing ,O2