Phase 1 of the Ignite 2019 agenda has now launched!

It features a carefully curated, high-calibre agenda of keynote speakers, workshops, breakout seminars and interactive sessions.

  • STREAM 1i
    The Strategy stream will host the best of the best in the B2B industry.
  • STREAM 2i
    • Getting the best out of MA.
    • Tech stack: Build or rent?
    • New tech alert – how to deploy what’s coming.
    • Building tech skills in your team.
    • Tech onboarding and platform selection.
    • How to run a tech audit, and ditch the failing platforms.
  • STREAM 3i
    • Defining and managing the customer journey.
    • Ambassadorship and advocacy.
    • Managing CX company-wide.
    • Customer success – what is it, and why do you need it?
  • STREAM 4i
    • More effective marketing through better data.
    • Big data and cognitive marketing.
    • Your NPS, metrics and revenue growth.
    • Social listening.
    • Evaluating creative.
  • STREAM 5i
    • How to connect with the customer.
    • Getting the best out of your content marketing.
    • Techniques to improve your CRM.
    • How to use influencer marketing effectively.
    • Emotional marketing and hyper-personalisation.
    • Your brand, and finding the tone of voice that will work for you
    Stream sponsor: ON24
  • STREAM 6i
    • Setting up an ABM programme from scratch.
    • Accelerating your ABM programme from strategic to programmatic.
    • Creating your ABM tech stack.
    • Using agencies for ABM excellence.
    • Sales and marketing alignment.
    Stream sponsor: Demandbase
  • STREAM 7i
    • Building the perfect team.
    • Understanding the stakeholder group – who do you need to influence?
    • Next generation leaders – finding them and being one.
    • The fundamental skills of a B2B leader.
    Stream sponsor: Stein IAS
  • STREAM 8i
    • How to build and refine your value proposition
    • Brand consistency and management in the digital age
    • Building employee brand engagement and commitment
    • Brand measurement and valuation