Enjoy inspiring and enlightening sessions that will provide an exciting and motivational day of learning and development

  • STREAM 1i
    This stage features ten roof-raising speakers and keynote presentations, chosen from the best of the movers and shakers in B2B.
  • STREAM 2i
    B2B Gurus
    Get up close and personal with some of the most inspirational and innovative speakers we’ve ever put together on one stage.
  • STREAM 3i
    This stream is laser focused on how businesses of all shapes, sizes and models can deliver sales and business growth through account-based marketing (ABM).

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  • STREAM 4i
    Find out how to define and manage the customer journey – from pre-awareness to post-purchase.
  • STREAM 5i
    Whether you’re already a leader, or planning to emerge as one, this stream will give you vital insight into the procedural, cultural and strategic challenges B2B leaders face in their roles, and how these experts have succeeded in them.
  • STREAM 6i
    How should you be connecting with your buyers? We’re talking content, CRM techniques, influencer marketing hyper-personalisation and getting emotional, in this hugely enlightening stream.

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  • STREAM 7i
    Learn how to unlock the secrets of your data to execute more effective marketing: focusing on big data, cognitive marketing, metrics and revenue growth, social listening and much, much more. Stream sponsor:            
  • STREAM 8i

    What’s around the corner? Is tomorrow bright and shiny or an AI apocalyptic wasteland?

    From fintech to martech and analytics to hardware, it’s technology that’s pushing the boundaries of B2B marketing. Learn from those leading the charge.

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