Pete Morgan

VP of Demand

Since joining the agency in 2006, Peter has held a variety of leadership positions focused on integrated marketing, social media, analytics, and measurement – with a track record of using data to improve the effectiveness of marketing activity.

In recent years Peter has been instrumental in the growth of Metia’s demand generation services and the development of the unique processes and systems used to deliver it. Metia’s Performance Benchmark Index (PBX) and its online optimization and reporting tools have given the group a strong point of differentiation as an agency, helping to win new projects and clients worldwide. The PBX is able to reliably predict the performance of a client’s social media marketing campaigns based upon a unique datastore of over 930 million ad serves and 4 million user engagements. This proven toolset and associated techniques and processes have delivered impressive results and multiple award wins for Metia’s clients, including recent successes for Dell, RedEye, and Oracle.

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