Martech essentials training

About this 1 day martech essentials workshop

This workshop aims to deliver practical insights to help you make sense of martech, from analysing your martech stack and establishing the martech spine, to evaluating existing skills and building reports that matter.


What are we solving together?

With the same rhetoric and noise coming from the 8,000+ marketing technology vendors, along with the annual ‘marketing technology infographic’, the marketing technology market has become a feeding frenzy. With it, senior marketers are being encouraged to implement more and more marketing technology, often to the point of internal chaos and confusion. Few have taken the time to focus on building a strong and integrated Marketing Technology Spine and develop the skills needed for successful marketing technology optimisation.


What you will learn

  • How to audit your current martech stack by category and plan a martech roadmap that delivers to your strategic business objectives – starting with the Spine first.
  • Explore what skills you need for the marketing tech stack you have / you’re developing and what skills merits external agency support, with a focus on organisational design and change management.
  • Understanding the benefits of different martech platforms, their integration capabilities and how to go to market with the right martech.
  • The 3 categories of reporting you need to demonstrate the return on your martech investment to all key stakeholders in your business.

Case study examples

  • 30:1. How an enterprise technology business [Fujitsu] migrated 30 disparate marketing technology systems to 1.
  • How a global investment manager [Baillie Gifford] established their Marketing Technology Spine™
  • Why a higher education provider [BPP] needed to migrate Marketing Automation platform to achieve their business goals
  • How an enterprise media & insights business [Kantar] evaluated their complex Marketing Technology landscape.


  • Analysis of your martech landscape, in context of the martech Spine and integrations across your stack.
  • Reporting methodology to demonstrate martech’s value to the wider business.
  • Organisational design plan to improve the martech skills in your team.

You will also discover:

  • What martech platforms are right for you to achieve your strategic objectives.
  • How to report on the success of your martech investment.
  • What skills you require to deliver a successful martech roadmap.
  • Why you may need to migrate and retire martech platforms