Content marketing masterclass

In this one-day content marketing course, we’ll examine how B2B buyers and customer journeys have changed in recent years, and how you can use this insight to develop an effective content marketing programme that will engage and guide your buyer through the end-to-end journey

With 89% of B2B buyers researching anonymously in the first six months of the buying process, we’ll start the day by examining why content is still an important part of any B2B marketing programme and we’ll look at the main content types from hero, hub, and hygiene to stock and flow.

This training course will show you how to:

  • Work out the content you need to create to engage your prospective buyers by developing personas. Because 74% of B2B buyers are frustrated by content that is not personalised to their needs, we’ll also examine the different types of content needed depending on their role, from the c-suite to influencer buyers.
  • Map your end-to-end customer journey and review the different types of content needed to support each stage. We’ll also look at content for internal engagement and sales enablement, and the different requirements for ABM, new and existing customers engagement.
  • Surface content ideas by using insight tools, customer interviews and research as well as how to surface content from within your organisation.
  • Develop and effectively deliver a content marketing plan; we’ll examine the activities needed to support your content marketing – from asset creation to distribution, and internal briefing so your content marketing meets your goals.
  • Measure and optimise the performance of your content marketing so that it delivers on your objectives.

Throughout the day you’ll hear award-winning case studies and actionable tips that have been gathered from marketing professionals.

You’ll also learn:

  • A step-by-step process to build the case for content marketing in your business
  • How to set your content marketing goals
  • How to engage your internal teams about your content marketing to improve the success of your programme
  • How to evaluate and optimise your current content marketing programme.

With a range of interactive exercises, best practice templates, and actionable takeaways you’ll leave the course with everything you’ll need to develop a successful content marketing programme or how to improve the effectiveness of your current programme.


Ruth Connor

Ruth Connor Marketing

Ruth Connor is an independent marketing trainer and practising Marketing Director with more than 20 years’ experience in both B2B and B2C marketing

She has held roles in numerous organisations including Bupa, Legal & General, Westfield Health and Consumer Intelligence during her career and has significant experience of B2B brand development, digital and content marketing, and integrated campaign planning and delivery. She has also developed and taken to market-leading products and led award-winning Internal Comms and PR campaigns.

Over the past seven years, she successfully launched and managed content marketing programmes in three different B2B businesses where blogs and customer newsletters have outperformed average industry performance resulting in increased brand engagement and lead generation and assisted in winning new and retaining existing business.

She’s been a guest tutor at the IDM for more than four years, covering topics such as content marketing planning and implementation, development and use of personas and customer journeys. And as a marketing tutor, she is focused on actionable learning that workshop attendees can take back to their businesses to implement and drive improvements.