Turn your paid social investment into results – eGuide

28 February 2019
By: Billy Hamilton-Stent
Client strategy director and co-founder
Octopus Group

Learn how to make the most of your spend on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Social is great. But it costs money. Which means you as a marketer need to make the right decisions about what to post, where, and who to target your content at.

This eGuide from Octopus Group will show you how to do just that on the three channels that matter most to B2B – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. So you can make sure your social spend is working hard for your clients and campaigns.

This eGuide will show you:

  • How to create super-targeted posts for Linkedin
  • Why it pays to test and refine on social
  • How to align your Twitter spend to business goals
  • Why visuals make Facebook posts more engaging
  • When to post to reach your audience.

Download the guide here.


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