How to grow a B2B martech mindset

22 May 2019
By: Lee Hackett

If there’s one thing vendors are good at, it’s showing off the positives of their products. Here Lee Hackett of BluprintX explains how to take a growth approach to martech without looking through rose-tinted glasses.


Working closely with marketing and sales teams, one of the complaints I hear most regularly is…

Why doesn’t our marketing technology ecosystem and output look like the platform demo we saw?”

Many fall victim to ‘shiny new toy’ syndrome and believe technology alone is the answer to any marketing woes. Look, I don’t think there’s a problem with the vendors showing off their platform in the best light. They’re highlighting the capabilities of a tool that they’re proud of, but it’s fair to say that this only shows one side of the story.

Technology remains vital!

Of course technology is vital to your marketing. Technology is driving much of the innovation in modern marketing techniques but to achieve the results you want – the full scope of the platform’s capabilities – you need the right mindset.Your mindset has to be reconfigured and directed towards the business’ main aims… generating more revenue.

Technology is the enabler, a starting point, but the graft must follow. Think about the health & fitness industry. In many ways, martech is to the B2B space what the health and fitness industry is to the B2C: very good at showing off the positives. Consider the Fitbit, a fantastic tool to help you get a grip on your health journey, but it’s not going to help you lose weight alone. It’s great to organise your exercise around, to measure the output and to keep you motivated but it’s not going to get you running on its own.

Are you putting the effort in to look like the person on the front cover of the magazine? Or is it all the gear, no idea?

We’re sold a dream to make the job seem easier when, in reality, it still boils down to the work you put in. There’s no point looking at the marketing world, the wider industry and wondering why your department isn’t replicating the ideal which is being presented. Just like there’s no point in focusing on just one diet or one element of your fitness if you want to be healthy and happy.

There are ways that you can get this technology to work for you though. Just like with your health and well-being, it’s about taking a step back and thinking about things in a more pragmatic way. With both, you need to adopt a new mindset which caters to the real-world issues at play.


How do you adopt this new mindset?

Firstly, we’ve got to move past the razzmatazz. We’re told that “it’s all about engagement and customer journey!” but they only make up part of the conversation. The core of the issue is that sales and marketing are both working towards driving revenue for an organisation. Engagement metrics can point to trends and can help fluff up marketing’s outputs but they’re still one-step removed from what’s important. At the end of the day, engagement doesn’t mean all that much in that conversation between both departments. Sales want concrete leads they can pursue and marketing need to support them there.

 To achieve a growth mindset as an individual, you have to be open, you have to be a team player, you have to want to take ownership and you have to be willing to fail… but fail quickly. Learn, adapt and then move on and succeed. Move past this run versus change mentality and become more connected with the other areas of your business, particularly sales. Why? Because you’re both, fundamentally, driving towards the same goal.

Again, I can’t stress enough about how marketing technology has a role to play in this conversation. Used correctly, the technology helps you move past this run vs change cycle, helps you connect with sales even more intricately.  After all, it’s the industry I work in and interact with on a daily basis. I have seen the success stories and helped form them.

The one thing in common between all these success stories?

A willingness to listen and take on the martech mindset within an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Want to find out more on how to instigate this change in mindset? I’m speaking at B2B Markekting’s Ignite conference in July. I’ll be deep-diving into what it takes to:

  • Move beyond the fads and identify the ‘sweet spot’ for revenue generation.
  • Understand what it takes to make the shift from a fixed marketing mindset to a B2B martech growth mindset.
  • Identify and implement the right metrics to support the development of a martech stack.
  • Direct marketing spend to the most effective strategies and create the right foundations to build an omnichannel strategy.
  • Recognise the role of ‘test and fail, adjust, test and fail’ in the implementation and management of the martech stack.

 Wait! You haven’t heard the last of Lee. You can catch him at Ignite 2019, the world’s biggest B2B learning and networking taking place on 9 July in London. He will be showing you how you can grow your Martech mindset.