Dry and bland? I don’t think so

23 April 2019
By: Bridget Kendrick

Harnessing emotional engagement is the best way to drive growth, according to ICIS CMO Bridget Kendrick


Earlier this year I attended a marketing network event and signed up to a roundtable on ‘data analytics in B2B marketing’. It opened with the main speaker (who I won’t name) saying: “We don’t normally run a session on B2B marketing as it’s not that interesting to the majority of marketers, it’s seen as dry and bland”. I couldn’t disagree more.

 It’s true to say that getting your B2B product to stand out can be challenging in a sea of tech-driven, corporate-looking creative where everyone’s doing the same thing. But the best B2B marketers know that wherever they work, people are engaged by vibrant, human brands, and that’s what inspired our campaign, ‘Power your decisions with ICIS.com’, for the launch of a new, enhanced platform and brand-new mobile app. The campaign, which we worked on with Perq Studio, helped us reposition our brand in what is a traditional and rational industry, giving us cut-through in a very closed circuit industry.

 Our first challenge was how to balance an emotive connection with the gravitas carried by the global brand. The priority was to put the customer at the heart of the campaign, reflecting the key role ICIS plays in enabling people to do their job with confidence.

 Yes, I believe analytics in B2B marketing is vital, so ended up enjoying that roundtable, but when we can harness the power of emotive engagement alongside our detailed understanding of audiences we marketers can drive growth and brand engagement – nothing bland about that!

Catch Bridget up close and personal at Ignite 2019 where she will be talking about The role of creativity and emotive engagement in B2B Marketing”.