On-demand webinar: Engaging excellence: how to attract (and keep) your customers’ attention in 2019

15 May 2019

It’s never been easier to ignore a marketing message as it is in 2019 – and your customers know that.

So what does it take to not only grab their attention, but hold it, and actually begin some form of engagement… which may ultimately lead to a transaction?

How do you harness the bewildering array of technology now at your disposal to create engagement opportunities for your sales team, and develop a sustainable strategy which will deliver for the long term? And how do you marry this tech with compelling copywriting and great calls-to-action?

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to overcome buyer cynicism and fatigue in 2019.
  • How to measure great engagement.
  • What the difference is between sales and marketing engagement and what good or bad looks like in either instance
  • Where the role of tech and great creativity begin
  • What the future of engagement excellence looks like – and how you can prepare for it.

Watch it on-demand now.

Joel Harrison
Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing

As editor-in-chief of B2B Marketing, and one of its founders, Joel plays a strategic role in the company, focusing on the development of all B2B Marketing’s content, products and services – including events, training, reports and the magazine. He’s also an ambassador and evangelist for B2B more generally, and a regular speaker at conferences and at inhouse marketing team meetings.

Peter Holgate
Head of Strategic Planning, MRM McCann

I have over 15 years’ experience of helping challenger brands stand out against the norms of their markets. This has often involved not only talking to the direct and obvious audiences who buy their products and services, but also the indirect and commercial people in the relationship that affect how that product is positioned, sold and ultimately purchased.I started in marketing helping numerous much-loved and well-known FMCG brands create campaigns that have to connect with the commercial audiences in Grocery, Convenience and Independent retailers just to get seen at the conversion and purchase end of the customer journey. I’m drawn to the more complex and involved challenges and organisations and have worked on technology and telecoms brands helping them connect with everyone from the owners of small independent businesses to the key decision makers in enterprise organisations.

Brian Macreadie
Head of Marketing, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Brian Macreadie is a multi-award-winning B2B marketer. He was named Creative Individual of the Year at the B2B Marketing Awards 2017, received an innovation commendation from the FT, his team won the Grand Prix at the 2018 International B2B Marketing Awards, and his team was named Outstanding Marketing Team of the Year 2015 by Marketing Magazine. In a career spanning B2B telecoms, professional services, defence software, media and sport, he has built brands, developed new products and grown revenue using creative tactics ranging from International Olympic Committee-endorsed campaigns and posting thousands of sponge fish to telecoms buyers, through to haunting over 350 of the UK’s most senior in-house lawyers.

Mark Bornstein
VP of Content Marketing, ON24

Content Marketing Strategist, Evangelist, Writer, Public Speaker, Storyteller and Purveyor of Positivity…Mark Bornstein helps companies find their voice, through effective brand strategy, message development, campaign planning, content development and delivery. As a thought leader in B2B marketing, Mark has contributed articles to many of today’s leading marketing publications and presented at major marketing conferences around the globe.

Mark believes that the true science of marketing is the art of being real. “The most important part of marketing cannot be automated”.

Want to hear from ON24 up close an personal? Good news they are speaking at Ignite 2019.