Best Bits of Ignite 2019

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The Ignite 2019 Presentations


Strategy Stream

Marketing and the need to think different – Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy)

How Sandvik is driving digitalisation at scale – Sakina Najmi (Sandvik) [NOT AVAILABLE]

Breaking down the silos across the top of funnel: A new way for B2B marketers to orchestrate customer acquisition – Chris Wickson (Akkroo) and Jeremy Bloom (Integrate) 

The Future of Life: B2B engagement and experience at hyperspeed – Tamara McCleary ( [NOT AVAILABLE]

The role of creativity and emotive engagement in B2B marketing – Bridget Kendrick (ICIS)

Two years, 50,000 miles, 4000 car dealers: an online odyssey – Nick King (AutoTrader)

Managing your bloody stakeholders: The single most important success factor in B2B marketing – Doug Kessler (Velocity Partners)


Martech Stream

Attention marketers, take the reins on revenue – Nicholas Cumins (SAP)

Building a martech mindset – Lee Hackett (Bluprint)

Making marketing automation a reality – Katie Jameson (Act-On Software)

Unifying a global network: managing a global rebrand across 147 territories… in just 3 months! – Jo Luck (Baker Tilly International) and Jens Lundgaard (Brandworkz)

How marketing professionals can harness AI for business growth – Katie King (Zoodikers)

How to run a tech audit and…ditch the failing platforms – Ian Jenkins (BoxUK)


CX Stream

CX: Why timing is everything – Steve Kemish (Junction Marketing Agency)

Become the CXpert your customers deserve – Mary-Anne Baldwin (B2B Marketing)

Enabling agile CX using voice – Niall Habba (The Telemarketing Company)

Data analytics and artificial intelligence: the path to customer centricity – Martin Häring (Finastra)

B2B trends & commerce solution as LEGO® blocks – Sailatha Karthikeyan (Accenture)

How Prysmian dug deep to raise its game – Riccardo Weber (Prysmian Group)

Human experience meets the enterprise – Alex Shevelenko (RELAYTO)


Insight Stream

Why brands matter more but are valued less – Edd Southerden (Bray Leino)

From Insights to ROI: How to make data-based decisions to save your career and boost your team performance – Philippe Ruttens (

Market like a B2C marketer: A framework for insight-led ABM at scale – Tom Gatten (Growth Intelligence)

How to use UX thinking to generate meaningful marketing insights – Danny Bluestone (Cyber-Duck)

Why data science will help you suck less at marketing – Chris Pitt (Vertical Leap)

Don’t let slow load time kill your ROI – Pete Morgan (Metia)


Engagement Stream

Using data and insights to execute campaigns – Joe Hyland (ON24)

The Battle of the Big Idea: How we defied gravity to turn our big idea into the Best Global Campaign – Claire Mason (Man Bites Dog) and Mwamba Kasanda (Korn Ferry)

Are you ready to kill the PDF? – Nick Mason (Turtl)

It’s time to compete on your story, not your product – Paul Cash (Rooster Punk)

Clash of the tech heads: the B2B buying committee – Billy Hamilton-Stent (Octopus Group)

How to increase brand awareness, credibility and trust by working with B2B Influencers – Tim Williams (Onalytica)

How SAP is wining with social selling and employee advocacy – Malin Liden (SAP)


ABM Stream

PANEL: ABM for every budget – £10k, £35k and £100k blueprints – Leanne Chescoe (Demandbase), Ashley Kessler (Calabrio) and Kylie Jay (Ansarada)

ABM is all grown up and O2 have the results to prove it – Zoe Hominick (O2)

Using martech to take your ABM strategy to the next level – Kirsty Dawe (Really B2B)

ABM: getting it right first time – Andy Bacon (B2B Marketing)

Scaling insight: the key to unlocking ABM success without breaking the bank – Martin Simcock (Enigma)

Everything you wanted to know about ABM (but were afraid to ask!) – Robert Norum (B2B Marketing) [NOT AVAILABLE]

Why social selling isn’t working for ABM and what to do about it – David Salmon and Peter Lundie (Agent3)

The paradox of agile and strategic ABM – Andrea Clatworthy and Waheed Warden (Fujitsu)


Leadership Stream

Developing a transformative digital marketing roadmap – Tom Stein and Marc Keating (Stein IAS)

How to build a high performance, award winning B2B marketing team – Gary Hurry (Thomson Reuters)

Turning agile marketing from theory to reality: the Ricoh way – Chas Moloney (Ricoh)

Why sales enablement is catching fire – Matt Downes (Seismic)

Let’s talk talent: Why EQ focused CMO’s are the future of marketing – Catherine de la Poer (Halcyon)

The long game: what it takes to succeed in the era of marketing accountability? – David Van Schaick (The Marketing Practice)


Brand Stream

Creating epic customer experiences – Peter Bell (Marketo)

How to build a remarkable brand out of an existing one – Dr. Christine Bailey (Valitor)

Brand to demand: how Genpact’s programmatic mentality has helped them rebrand, reinvent and still deliver ROI – David Van Schaick (The Marketing Practice) and Neil Dowling (Genpact)

Peddling outside of its comfort zone: How Dimension Data hit top gear by reinventing brand perceptions at the Tour de France – Marisa Jansen van Vuuren (Dimension Data)

Cacophony or Symphony? The 5 value proposition mistakes that will leave your brand out of tune – Jill Pringle (Focused Propositions)

Discovering the power of yes: how purpose is a lighthouse in a sea of sameness – Brett Green (ITEC) and Mark Waite (Cohesive)