Two years, 50,000 miles, 4000 car dealers – an online odyssey

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Nick is the Insight Director at Auto Trader.  The UK’s leading automotive market place.

He is a psychologist, researcher, and marketeer and one of the key B2B directors.  His mission is to understand the ever-evolving digital landscape and help bring this story to life for the thousands of retailers who advertise with Auto Trader.

It’s a philanthropic role too.  Car retailers are the cornerstone of Auto Trader.  They need dealers to advertise on the site, but if they don’t keep up with the evolving digital landscape, they could be at risk.  So we need to take them on the evolving journey and use research and insight to bring this world to life.

Having run hundreds of physical master classes all over the UK, building a profile and becoming a trusted advisor, he successfully created a webinar programme.  Starting as a Pilot in a bedroom to a fully kitted out 4K High definition studio.  The webinar programme is now a completely integrated part of its trade marketing campaigns. And has become a channel in its own right.

Nick will outline how he built the programme and will highlight the tangible benefits, successes and failures.

You’ll learn:

  • How AutoTrader evolved its webinar operation from enthusiastic amateur to professional broadcast quality
  • How Nick built a reputation as a trusted advisor to thousands of car dealers – both large groups and independents.
  • How AutoTrader developed a digital content strategy to accelerate its ongoing digital transformation
  • How this Channel drives a 20%+ increase in car sales for retailers and reduction in customer churn for AutoTrader.

Insight Director,AutoTrader