Scaling insight – the key to unlocking ABM success – without breaking the bank

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM

Insight is core to successful ABM. But providing tailored insights into every account in your target list is – for most of us – prohibitively complex and expensive. So, how do you scale insight?


Understanding the ABM process and the importance of personalised messaging is essential. However, segmenting every account by vertical industry, persona and funnel status quickly gets you to a point of unmanageable complexity – and becomes a barrier to getting an effective ABM program off the ground and into the market at scale. Squaring this circle means rapidly gaining the insights necessary to underpin your content strategy for your high-return segments – and building from there.


Join this session to learn how to engage complex buyer groups on complex buyer journeys – without breaking the bank.


CEO,Enigma Marketing Services