How SAP is winning with social selling and employee advocacy

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

In the digital and social economy, the buyers journey changes dramatically. Customers listen to peers and independent sources much more than they listen to vendors. And they only want to engage with vendors during the very last stage of the buying process. This means that 70% of the buyers journey is completed before customers are willing to speak to a sales rep, and 90% of the decision is made. If we donĀ“t change how we sell we lose the game before it started. Find out how SAP mobilized over more than 7K social sellers in 2 years, generating over 1B Euro pipeline for the company.

Learn how to:

  • Build your online brand to increase your presence in the marketplace, meeting the buyer with relevant information that drives them in your direction when they are ready for a conversation
  • implement social selling at scale in an organization – key success factors
  • Measure success that helps you drive a mindset shift from push to pull

Vice President, Global Field Marketing,SAP