How Sandvik is driving digitisation at scale

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

Our rapid acceleration into the 4th industrial revolution is having a profound effect on the speed companies need to adopt to digitally transform their business models and help  them to thrive in a more automated and digital business world.

There is no longer any safe, ‘business as usual’ hiding place, regardless of industry. And, there is an abundance of evidence to show that any, and all, kinds of traditional barriers to entry can be breached by highly disruptive digital innovation in products, services and business models.

However, adding a robust digital capability to an existing rock-solid, large-scale operation can be complex, and should not be undertaken lightly or without considerable strategic evaluation to ensure an already highly optimised and strong business isn’t weakened or its proposition confused in the transformation process.

So, how do you take a hugely successful international business into the digital age, helping to prepare it for Industry 4.0 without diluting the essence of its commercial model and its xulture – the very core elements that made it so successful in the first place?

These are the exact challenges Sakina Najmi faced when she joined global engineering giant, Sandvik as VP of Global Marketing; where she was hired to digitise marketing and create scalable marketing programs for the engineering behemoth.  In this keynote session, Sakina will share her unique journey as she moved from an agile, software start-up with 4000 staff to Sandvik – a large-scale global enterprise with over 43,000 employees.

Discussing her successes, failures and challenges in the digital transformation process, Sakina will demonstrate the importance of looking inwards to ‘transform your own thinking’ first, and then starting the digital transformation process with a compelling vision and the deep conviction that change is necessary. Finally, she will consider how exercising diplomacy and the artful balance of social interaction, communication and persuasion is critical to the a successful digital transformation.

Vice President Global Marketing,Sandvik