Disentangling data dystopia

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM

Over the past few years we’ve heard data is the puzzle that, once solved, is the answer to a number of our problems. It can drive better leads, prove the value of marketing at board level, help develop better products and everything in between.

There’s only one problem: The utopian vision of single source and cogent data is a world away from the messy, misaligned data pools that many CMOs are still faced with. Sometimes it’s incompatible, from legacy systems that have been turned off long ago, or we wish we could turn off tomorrow. So how do we go from data dungeon to data dream?

We will be discussing in this presentation:

  • Data ownership doesn’t have a straight-forward answer
  • The stick is the only way to drive compliance
  • You can’t build a business case without data
  • Trust is key to data success
  • Be brave, and delete