Discovering the power of yes – how purpose is a lighthouse in a sea of sameness

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

A year ago ITEC could have been any IT professional services business. They saw themselves as filling gaps in the skills, experience and resource plans of large IT systems integrators, and thought that their story ought to be about why their ‘gap filler’ is better than the next one.

But that’s not how their clients saw them. An account director at a global systems integrator told us “All the things I like about ITEC are the exact same things my customers like about me”. And we heard an account manager at a multinational IT distribution business say “ITEC’s services make it so that I can always tell my customer – yes, I can.”

Through an evidence-driven process unearthing many similar insights, we worked with ITEC to discover their ‘why’. And knowing, naming it and sharing it has transformed how they engage with clients, and the subsequent relationships that they build.

This session, delivered in conjunction with Brett Green, CTO & COO of ITEC, will benefit delegates by:

  • Outlining the process that ITEC went through to find its unique story and purpose.
  • Proving the value of a purpose-led approach, and how marketing discovery can inform business direction.
  • Showing how customer insights can be used to shape a content-led marketing strategy.
  • Demonstrating actionable exercises to get to your own ‘why’.

Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder,Cohesive