Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – the path to customer centricity

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM

Delivering a truly personalized customer experience – based around behaviours, needs and wants – demands a new approach.

Moving forward, CMOs need to be conversant with big data and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence to truly exploit the vast amount of information collected across a variety of sources within a company.

Martin will be discussing:

  • How forward-thinking CMOs are already exploring AI.
  • What machine learning technology can do to support your marketing and customer strategies.
  • How AI can help engage more effectively throughout the customer journey.
  • The importance of digital assistants, chatbots, robo-advisors, voice- and speech recognition and how they can help to automate front-end customer processes and provide increased insight into customer behaviour.

Through analysis of the data collected from these sources, savvy marketers can create and deliver personalized services, offering the most appropriate products to customers exactly when they need them. In this sense, we can expect to see increasingly blurred lines between the roles of the CMO, CIO and CXO (Customer Experience Officer).