Clash of the tech heads: the B2B buying committee

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM

B2B buying decisions are made by committee. We like to think that the more stakeholders we engage with, the better chance we have of ending up with a sensible, rational choice that’s best for the business.

 But while the decision to buy is discussed by the group, emotions run high as the ‘politics of people’ kicks in. Everyone comes to the table with their own agenda, leading to a battle between different buying personas, each of whom identifies with their own tribe, be it IT, sales, marketing or HR.  

 Often, some have made up their mind before the debate even starts.  And, although most people might claim to make rational decisions, it’s actually more common to be attracted to a business for very human, emotional reasons. This behaviour can be influenced by many current trends, such as the close integration of work and non-work lives, the speed of information consumption, time paucity and commercial pressure.

 Marketers need to ensure that in an automated, tech-led world, B2B brands must think ‘human’. And they need to understand the different personas and how to target them before the talking begins.

 By attending this session, you will learn:

  • The latest insight from B2B buyers.
  • The emotional vs rational drivers at each stage of the decision process.
  • B2B buyers’ current approach to decision-making.
  • What suppliers need to do to cut through in noisy marketplaces.

Client strategy director and co-founder,Octopus Group