Cacophony or Symphony? The 5 value proposition mistakes that will leave your brand out of tune

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM

Your brand is a performance that people contribute to day in, day out. Your value proposition should be a number 1 hit – the song your team love to sing and your audience want to hear.

All too often B2B organisations take to the stage and sing ten tunes at once. They create brand dissonance then wonder why no one can understand what they do!

Singing the wrong song, too many songs or giving an under-rehearsed performance are just some of the mistakes that will cost you and your brand dearly. Instead of positioning you to top the charts, your value proposition fails to sell and deliver what it promises. Your key stakeholders, especially sales, remain at best un-convinced and at worst totally confused. After a lot of effort and expense, nothing changes inside your organisation and your audience is at your competitor’s sell-out concert.

In this session, marketer and musician Jill Pringle shares the 5 most common mistakes that will undermine even the most compelling value proposition. She shares her strategies and tips for that chart-topping song.

Leave knowing:

  • Why a value proposition makes a better song than a vision or mission
  • The five biggest mistakes to avoid when you create and perform it
  • Why scoring, orchestrating and rehearsing your proposition is key to success
  • What information you’ll need to engage sales & senior management in the performance
  • The power of connecting the dots to amplify your performance

Done well, a value proposition can bring you focus, alignment and clarity that becomes a guiding melody for revenue growth and employee engagement.

Stop shouting, start singing, and market like a musician!

Director/Founder,Focused Propositions & Brand Symphony Marketing