Brand to demand: how Genpact’s programmatic mentality has helped them rebrand, reinvent and still deliver ROI

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM

Five years ago, the Genpact marketing team faced a colossal challenge. How to deliver rapid growth in a market in transition, while competing against giants like IBM and Accenture. With smaller budgets and without the luxury of their established brands. From the outside, it seemed like an impossible mission. But the Genpact team had something greater than size.

Join us to hear how Genpact built a disruptive culture and combined that with long-term, programmatic approach. This combination has allowed them to deliver a complete rebrand, launch a new positioning and multiple new products, build a high-performing team and consistently deliver against ambitious targets for marketing-sourced revenue.

Delegates will learn:

  • How to promote a disruptive culture which rewards innovation
  • How to win buy-in from the business and sales for a disruptive strategy
  • How to consistently improve effectiveness through a programmatic approach
  • And a live example of balancing brand & demand for long-term growth

VP Global Integrated Marketing,Genpact
CMO & CDO,The Marketing Practice