Market like a B2C Marketer: A framework for insight-led ABM at scale

11:40 AM - 12:10 PM

Account Based Marketing or ABM has been a hot topic on most marketers’ agendas for the last few years. However, ABM in the traditional sense has a number of flaws. It has been difficult to scale ABM beyond a small number of large accounts, and the creation of an ABM strategy can build-in many human biases.

With advancements in insights technology, B2B Marketing is slowly reaching parity with B2C Marketing in its ability to treat every account like an individual.

The attendees will walk away from the session armed with:

  • An understanding of what B2C/Facebook-style ‘Radical Personalisation’ looks like for B2B Marketers and how to apply it;
  • A framework for applying an ABM approach across the entire economy;
  • How the outputs of cutting-edge insights technology makes creating a marketing plan as easy as ‘solving an equation’.

Founder and CEO,Growth Intelligence