An audience with three of our B2B marketing visionaries – invitation only

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM

Join us for an intimate invitation-only “audience with” (think Question Time) with three of the top visionary speakers from this year’s Ignite agenda.

This exclusive session is made up of the leaders in B2B.

It’s your chance to quiz the speakers about what you want to know, and take control of the agenda.

So who are these oracles of B2B?

  • Tamara McCleary, Thulium – Ranked in the top 1% of global influencers and named Top global digital marketer 2019.
  • Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners – Content marketing junkie and author.
  • Jeremy Bloom, Integrate – Olympic skier and now founder of the fastest growing martech company in the US (bent on global domination).

In this interactive session, find out what they see as the biggest issues and challenges in B2B, what success looks like, and what the future holds for our industry.

Find out:

  • Their personal journeys and epiphanies along the way.
  • Who they admire in B2B and why.
  • The secret of their success.
  • What their aspirations and expectations are for the future.

… but above all, we’ll be looking to answer your questions – this session will be highly interactive, enabling a depth of insight that isn’t possible from the keynote sessions.

Editor -in-Chief,B2B Marketing
Creative Director & Co-Founder,Velocity Partners Ltd