The Ignite 2019 agenda is here.

You will find an agenda of presentations by some of the most innovative speakers and authorities in B2B.

The agenda focusses on eight of the hottest topics in B2B right now addressing the key issues you are facing day to day.

  • STREAM 1i
    The Keynote stream will host the best of the best in the B2B industry. Topics being covered are:
    • Developing performance marketing.
    • Raising awareness to drive leads.
    • Content and your strategy.
    • Planning and implementing.
    • Personal branding.
  • STREAM 2i
    Sales engagement
  • STREAM 3i
    Innovation and creativity
    • Defining and managing the customer journey.
    • Ambassadorship and advocacy.
    • Managing CX company-wide.
    • Customer success – what is it, and why do you need it?
  • STREAM 4i
    • More effective marketing through better data.
    • Big data and cognitive marketing.
    • Your NPS, metrics and revenue growth.
    • Social listening.
    • Evaluating creative.
  • STREAM 5i
    • How to connect with the customer.
    • Getting the best out of your content marketing.
    • Techniques to improve your CRM.
    • How to use influencer marketing effectively.
    • Emotional marketing and hyper-personalisation.
    • Your brand, and finding the tone of voice that will work for you
  • STREAM 6i
    • Setting up an ABM programme from scratch.
    • Accelerating your ABM programme from strategic to programmatic.
    • Creating your ABM tech stack.
    • Using agencies for ABM excellence.
    • Sales and marketing alignment.
  • STREAM 7i
    Leadership and strategy
    • Building the perfect team.
    • Understanding the stakeholder group – who do you need to influence?
    • Next generation leaders – finding them and being one.
    • The fundamental skills of a B2B leader.
  • STREAM 8i
    • How to build and refine your value proposition
    • Brand consistency and management in the digital age
    • Building employee brand engagement and commitment
    • Brand measurement and valuation